New Jersey’s Illegal Dumping Problem

How illegal dumping has contaminated the state’s soil and how to address it

Across New Jersey, property owners have been entangled in issues regarding illegal dumping that have posed environmental and public health risks. Specifically, dump trucks have been caught red-handed dumping soil that has been contaminated with unknown chemicals, such as from gas stations, and illegally dumping them in residential areas, public land, and more.

History of the problem

For over four years, local governments and concerned citizens have brought the issues of illegal dumping operations to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The history of this problem is well-established, with convictions already brought upon persons who were found to have violated a mandate to stop work after illegal soil contamination was found. However, as is all too often the case, the government agencies responsible for these issues have been slow to act. Residents of townships continued to report seeing dump trucks entering and exiting some of the areas in question, but until recently the DEP held firm that there were no violations. This conclusion was of particular frustration to the townships because the inspectors sent by the DEP are alleged to have not done a full-scale investigation that the issue deserved, even once an inspector never even getting out of the car. However through persistence of citizens and public media attention, the DEP is now officially investigating the matter.

What is to be done about the problem

Government officials are still investigating the matter, and no specific progress is being addressed publicly. Beyond the next steps of activists, which is bringing the concerns above the DEP and to the office of the Governor, property owners cannot wait for government intervention and need to address contaminated soil on their land.

The immediate action needed is for trained professionals to go to the contaminated sites to take soil samples. In doing so, experts can test the dirt and determine the scope of the problem—what contaminants are in the illegally dumped soil, how much of it, what sort of threat it poses to the public, and how to best clean it up. The contaminated soil can be harmful to local wildlife, damaging to vegetation, and ultimately could post a public health risk, underscoring the immediate need for boots on the ground to test the soil in question and determine the next steps. But without immediate investigation, there’s no telling the extent of the issue nor the best course of action.

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