Why Repurpose Property Damaged by Environmental Impact

The Benefits of Repurposing Property Damaged by Environmental Impact

The concept of taking an existing or old and abandoned property and repurposing it from a brand new use, also known as adaptive reuse, is a practice that is becoming increasingly common in today’s world. Such adaptive reuse provides a clever and exciting way to leverage valuable plots of land that might have otherwise been left unused because they were considered too much of an environmental hazard.

Environmental impacts, such as flooding causing contaminated soil or groundwater or older buildings that came with chemical hazards like asbestos, can leave a property (either the building or the plot of land itself) with a perception that it is now worthless and unusable. However, it is the clever and insightful property developers who will realize the potential benefits of repurposing these types of properties that have experienced damage from environmental impact.

Former industrial properties that now sit idle due to environmental hazards are known as brownfields. These brownfield properties, by some reports, number in the hundreds of thousands in the United States. Beyond that, many properties end up becoming vacated and abandoned after natural disaster, namely flooding, storms, or other environmental impacts that bring with them contaminated soil and water that posing health risks to those who use them. These type of environmental hazards often come with a reputation that the properties are now unusable or not valuable. Some specific negative impacts that such damaged properties can bring to their owner and the surrounding community include the following:

  • Negative impacts to the local economy
  • Restrictions on the regions potential for population growth
  • Depression of property values for surrounding properties
  • Increase to local crime rates
  • Extra costs to local governments, and thus the local taxpayers, to address each of the other negative effects and liabilities


However, many of these negative impacts are more an issue of perception than reality. In fact, the repurposing of such land can be renovated and rehabilitated for new uses. While such repurposing is not entirely simple, the potential new uses can be especially beneficial to a property owner or community as a whole and include concepts like urban agriculture, woodlands, or parks and recreational facilities. These environmentally focused reuses for land also serve to provide benefits like improved storm water management practices, reduced air pollution, a reduction in urban heat islands, and even just an enhancement to the appearance of the neighborhood.

While environmental impact might otherwise leave a property with the perception it is unusable, proper environmental and construction management services can turn such properties from liabilities into assets. When the environmentally damaged properties get rehabilitated and cleared of their environmental hazards, the repurposed building can often be one of the dominoes that spurs redevelopment and economic revitalization.

When older properties come attached with natural environmental hazards and concerns, such as chemical contaminants associated with gas stations, dry cleaners, or older buildings with lead based paint and asbestos, these are all the type of problem that can be addressed with proper rehabilitation strategy and environmental management and construction experts. For any owners or developers seeking to repurpose property that has undergone any number of environmental impacts, addressing the environmental hazards is an important part of the process when assessing budgets and construction costs. But those risks can be mitigated with proper due diligence from environmental experts, so environmental hazards are minimized and addressed, while all proper environmental regulations and best practices are met.

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