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Before the 1970’s, household paint was made with lead. Unbeknownst to homeowners and professionals before the 1970’s, human exposure to lead paint dust or chips can cause serious health effects, especially for children and pregnant women.

Removing existing lead paint from older homes doesn’t have to be complicated or costly—trust the Entech Group Inc. with all of your NJ environmental services. Our experts offer decades of experience, so you can repair your home worry-free.

What You Need to Know about Lead Removal Lead Removal Services NJ

There are several ways to reduce the hazards of lead-based paint; however, some of the methods of removing lead paint can actually increase your risk of lead exposure, so it’s important to make sure that all safety precautions are taken during the process.

If the lead paint on the ceilings and walls are in good condition, then simply painting them or covering them with wallpaper will suffice to keep the lead paint in place. If the lead paint shows any signs of chipping, though, then it is a major health risk to everyone living in the home and must be taken care of immediately.

The removal process can be done with wire brushing or wet hand scraping, with the use of non-flammable solvent or abrasive compound. Liquid paint removers can be used on smaller areas, such as windowsills and doors. Other methods of lead paint removal include wet hand sanding and heat stripping. New Jersey heating and cooling services

It is imperative that lead paint removal is done properly and all safety precautions must be followed to reduce the risk of exposure, so sometimes professional intervention is the best way to ensure the procedure is done correctly.

The Entech Group Inc. has decades of experience handling lead paint removal and will make sure that you and your family are protected throughout the entire process.

Trust your home with the Entech Group Inc. for all of your environmental services in NJ and find the quality of work your family deserves.

For more information about our lead removal services, call us at 800-571-8661 today!

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