Solar Energy Services

The Entech Solar Advantage Program

In order to help our tri-state area and New Jersey solar energy customers understand the activities involved with a solar energy electric system installation and make it less intimidating, The Entech Group, Inc. has put together an outline to explain how we approach each project through three phases:


Solar Electric Generating Facility Pre-Feasibility Solar Energy Appraisal

As a free, no obligation service, Entech will:

  • Perform a Site Assessment consisting of a cursory review of site conditions and utility bill history;
  • Prepare and present a one page outline of preliminary budgetary cost estimates including a summary of potential federal and state program savings; and
  • Establish the economic feasibility and relevance of investing in the next phase of the Entech Solar Advantage Program.


Preliminary Solar Energy Assessment

The Preliminary Solar Energy Assessment will consist of:

  • A site visit to observe existing features of the property;
  • An examination of facility and system documentation;
  • Identification of potential solar energy electric system types and locations;
  • A detailed fiscal analysis report based on system types and related budgetary cost estimates; and
  • Preparation of a conceptual schematic layout of the potential solar energy electric generating facility.


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Once the contract is signed, Entech will:

  • Supply all necessary engineering designs and documentation;
  • Prepare and submit all documentation to the Renewable Energy Incentive Program, local building department, and electric utility company for compliance;
  • Order the selected materials required to deliver a complete operating Solar Energy Electric Generating Facility;
  • Install and construct the Solar Energy Electric Generating Facility;
  • Perform testing, demonstration, and startup of system;
  • Acquire all necessary inspection approvals; and
  • Transfer the Title of the completed Solar Energy Electric Generating Facility to the customer upon receipt of the customer’s final payment

Contact Entech, your NJ Solar Energy experts at 800.571.8661 or simply fill out our solar energy quote form to get started on Phase One of your solar energy project!

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