Types of Solar Panel Systems

Given the diversity of mount systems available, PV systems can be installed in a variety of configurations to maximize your energy output.  Entech will design your New Jersey solar energy system to provide an optimal solar energy solution for your project.

Solar Energy NJRoof Mount Systems

Roof mounted PV solar panels are cost-effective and the most common type of solar panel installation for New Jersey for residential applications.  Typically light-weight, PV solar panels can be supported by most structures and are mounted directly to the structural members of a building.

Fixed Mount System

This simple and least expensive mount system is completely stationary.  In this scenario, the PV solar panels are installed to optimize energy output based on an annual average angle of the sun.  Fixed mounts can be applied to roof, ground, and pole mount systems

Solar EnergyGround Mount Systems

PV solar panels can be configured and mounted on the ground if sufficient roof space is unavailable or disallowed.  Commonly, ground mounts consist of a wedge-shaped steel structure anchored in concrete footings.

Adjustable Mount System

This type of solar energy system can easily be adjusted by hand two or more times during the year to account for the lower angle of the sun during winter.  Adjustable mounts can be applied to roof, ground, and pole mount systems.

Solar EnergyPole Mount Systems

Like platform mount systems, pole mount systems are ideal for projects that may disallow roof or ground mount systems due to structural or logistical obstacles.  A PV solar panel array can be mounted to a single pole mount.

In order to find out what system is best for your project, contact Entech, your NJ solar energy experts at (800) 571-8661 or fill out our solar energy quote form to schedule an appointment with one of our NJ solar energy professionals.

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