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Solar Panels Cost NJ

As most New Jersey homeowners and businesses know, solar energy systems can be expensive, but don’t let the primary price tag sway you.  Keep in mind that the initial capital cost includes the solar energy system, design, approval, and installation.  Once your solar energy system has paid for itself (typically 10 years or less), there are minimal maintenance and insurance costs to manage and your net cumulative cash flow will significantly increase.

Our New Jersey solar energy customers have several financing options to choose from when you convert to solar energy.  You have the ability to finance your solar system through:

  1. Cash Purchase – For many businesses with a large tax liability, purchasing a solar energy system outright can yield the highest return on investment. This allows your business to take advantage of the generous rebates and tax benefits available for installing a PV solar energy electricity system.
  2. Purchase through Loan – An energy lease agreement is structured so that payments are lower than previous electric utility payments in the beginning. The payments are escalated at or below the current utility escalation so that electricity payments continue to be lower than current utility payments over the life of the system.  You’ll own the solar energy system after the lease term (typically 10 years or less) with a pre-negotiated buy-out payment.
  3. Power Purchase Agreement – Power Purchase Agreements are financial vehicles that enable clients to take advantage of the benefits of a solar energy source with no capital outlay. A third party financial institution will own, operate, and maintain the client’s solar power system for terms of 15-25 years. The client will then buy power from the third party at an agreed upon, long-term fixed rate (at or below current market rates).
  4. Same As Cash – Install a SunPower system for your home and start saving from day one with the SunPower Solar Now same-as-cash program. For a limited time, you can take advantage of the 30% Federal Income Tax Credit and get all the benefits of owning a solar energy system with no payments for 18 months. Your payments can be deferred until you receive your tax refund or the full 18 month period – you choose.

The SunPower Solar Now Same-As-Cash Program Features:

  • No payments or interest for 18 months*
  • 100% unsecured financing from $1,000 to $45,000*
  • Easy and secure application process – no paperwork
  • Fast approval – decision within 15 minutes
  • Peace of mind – apply directly with bank
  • No application fees, no closing costs, no pre-payment penalties

Act now! This offer expires on December 31, 2010. Call 1.800.571.8661 to find out how to take advantage of this incredible offer.
*on credit approval

Entech can help you and your financial advisor determine which choice is the best for you and your company through a FREE, on-site evaluation and preliminary fiscal analysis assessment.  In addition, Entech can help reduce your overall financial responsibility and hasten your return on investment by finding you opportunities to utilize government rebates, tax credits, grants, and other financial incentives.  If eligible, these financial incentives could pay up to 60% of the cost of your new solar energy system in New Jersey or surrounding areas.

Call Entech, your NJ solar energy experts at 800.571.8661 or complete our solar energy quote form to learn more about financing opportunities for your business’s solar energy system in New Jersey.


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