Net Metering

Net metering rules are designed to motivate utility users to invest in renewable energy sources on their properties by ensuring that solar electric system owners are compensated for the energy they produce. This policy provides a key incentive for customers looking to contribute to the availability of safe, reliable, and affordable electricity and help protect our environment.
Net metering refers to the compensation the owner of a renewable energy system receives when the system produces more electricity than the facility uses.  Net metering helps customers make the most of their renewable energy investments.

When a renewable energy system produces more electricity than the customer actually uses, the additional electricity is distributed back to the electric grid for use as needed by other customers.  However, the owner of the system will be compensated for this surplus electricity produced by receiving full retail credits on their utility bill.  Typically, the “wholesale rate” of surplus electricity is $.07/kWhr.

All solar electric generating facilities that qualify for the New Jersey Clean Energy Program’s Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) Program are subject to net metering regulations.

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