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With an ever-increasing demand for energy and a mounting concern for the environment, renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions are essential for our energy future.  Engaging in energy efficient opportunities that deliver high returns on investment (ROI) is a smart solution for both businesses and homeowners in New Jersey and the tri-state area.

With expertise in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, Entech provides a turn-key solution for innovative and cost effective energy alternatives.  Entech offers an assortment of energy solutions that include solar energy installation and design, and energy efficient HVAC installation and design.  Explore our website to learn how Entech can help you save money by reaching energy efficient goals.

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The Future of Solar Energy in NJ

Businesses and homeowners that make the switch to solar energy in NJ aren’t just being environmentally responsible; they are being fiscally proactive as well.

Many NJ businesses and homeowners are turning to solar power systems to defend themselves from increasing utility rates. According to The US Department of Energy, electricity utility costs will more than double in the next five years. Those installing solar energy systems in NJ will be well-protected from these cost hikes and can watch their energy bills go down upon installation of solar panels.

In addition to the instant savings homeowners will realize on their energy bill, solar power systems in NJ also increase the value of a home, which can repay homeowners handsomely when it’s time to sell. Some studies suggest that a home’s value can increase $20,000 for every $1,000 reduction in annual energy costs.

The Entech Group in NJ designs and installs solar energy systems that operate silently, provide significant environmental benefits and support clean energy by eliminating the release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

The Entech Group’s solar energy systems deliver renewable solutions that are realistic, fairly priced and in-line with your goals.

Entech’s solar systems are a proven technology backed by a 5-year system warranty and a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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