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Every respectable engineering or construction business knows that a successful project has a lot to do with the timely efforts of the construction managers and design teams. Their responsibility begins before the project even starts and advances through completion. Construction project management includes planning, coordinating, and overseeing each employee and task, making sure everything is completed on time and within budget. As a trusted engineering, environmental, and construction services firm that can handle a project from beginning to end, we wanted to share with you the importance of construction management through each phase of the project, to ensure increased efficiency and minimize potential issues.


This phase of any project is essential to keep everything progressing smoothly and should not be overlooked. Here the construction manager will discuss details such as the costs, timeline, phasing, and logistics of the project with not only the owner of the property, but the design team as well. It keeps each member of the team on the same page and avoids discrepancy down the line. Concerns from the owner and design team should be reviewed at this phase for the construction manager to address before things move forward.

The Entech Group is skilled in many areas of pre-construction including preliminary environmental audits & assessments, environmental site investigations, remedial site investigation & assessments, preparations of as-built plans & materials, preparation and submission of all permitting documents, and planning board presentations.


Here we have the stage of consistent guidance and overseeing. It is key that your business adheres to deadlines and schedules as best as possible to keep both the owner satisfied and the subcontractors working cost-effectively. This phase can be difficult, as there are multiple factors that contribute to the completion, or delay, of a project, many of which may be completely out of the construction manager’s control. These factors include weather, job site accessibility, experience of the team, availability of materials and equipment, job size, and more. These are considerations that should be thought of ahead of time, with a proactive plan in case something should occur.

Since Entech focuses their efforts on environmental projects, they spend time implementing, monitoring, and reporting pollution prevention systems as well as facility decontamination and the remediation of contaminated soil & groundwater.


The construction manager must walk through the property with the owner to make sure it all meets their expectations. This includes everything from the actual mechanics of the project to the electrical and plumbing work. Each aspect must meet any required standards and safety regulations in addition to the owner’s approval.

The construction manager will prepare the documents for the owner, including things such as operations and maintenance manuals, warranties, final building design plans, and verification of final payment. A successful phase one and two should allow for a streamlined phase three.

If you are in need of any engineering, environmental, and construction services with a trusted and experienced construction manager, contact The Entech Group today. Our skilled team works to complete any and all projects efficiently and to the highest standards.

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