Remediation Services Provided By The Entech Group Inc.

The Entech Group Inc. provides environmental remediation services NJ and underground oil tank NJ services.

The Entech Group Inc. is one of the leading environmental remediation companies in the state of New Jersey. We provide soil cleanup and groundwater cleanup services for our clients made possible by the Licensed State Remediation Professional (LSRP) program, which was created by the state.

Here at the Entech Group Inc., we have all of the necessary tools to assess your project and understand how to properly provide remediation services for your soil cleanup NJ and groundwater cleanup NJ. As your remediation contractor, we can ensure that the cleanup NJ is done properly, efficiently and on time. We are dedicated to customer service and providing our clients with the best methods for all of the environmental site remediation needs.

What is an environmental soil cleanup and groundwater cleanup and why would I need it?

The Site Remedation Reform Act (SRRA) was signed into act on May 7, 2009 and it allows LSRPs to finalize environmental remediation projects that were currently on backlog. In the state of New Jersey, there were over 20,000 environmental projects that were on backlog before the law was put into action. With this new law, businesses and homeowners are able to save time, effort and overall expense to close their projects.

Since the SRRA was put into place, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is no longer needed for an approval and the Entech Group can provide remediation services for soil cleanup NJ and groundwater cleanup NJ of contaminated sites quicker and more efficiently. The Entech Group can also give the residents of New Jersey a greater amount of environmental service protection and in a timelier and cost effective manner.

What does the future of environmental services in NJ look like?

Since the act has been effective in 2012, environmental consultants that provide an LSRP can proceed with the soil cleanup and groundwater cleanup of a site without an assigned case manager from the NJDEP.

Any company that needs engineering and environmental consultants for their environmental service remediation projects can contact the Entech Group. We will work with your company and be a Client advocate and manage your Project throughout the entire process. We will be able to schedule out a timeline of when the services will take place and estimate how much it will cost. In the long run, this will save the company time and money with reducing project costs overall. At the Entech Group, we are here to provide solutions to clients to help close out their environmental remediation service projects. With the help of an LSRP New Jersey advocate, we have the capability to provide tomorrow’s services at an affordable option.

To learn more about the process of environmental service remediation and how we can help save your company money, contact the Entech Group Inc. today at 1-800-571-8661 or online at

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