Building Facility Management

Environmental, Civil Engineering & Construction

Client: Missionary Society of Salesian Sisters, Inc.
Locations: North Haledon, Haledon and Hampton Township, New Jersey

Objective: Obtain local, county, and state permits plus construction approvals to enable the Client to receive multiple competitive construction bids to address site and facility improvements for four different ongoing Projects at multiple Project locations.

Professional Services:

  • Prepared Preliminary, Final Major Site Plan and Construction Documents detailing the proposed pavement parking area restoration, drainage system piping, concrete sidewalk & curbing, retaining wall, earthwork, specifications and construction agreements for the following Projects, which consist of:
    • Pond Restoration Improvements to include new concrete retaining walls, outlet structure, lowering and dewatering of a pond, dredging of sediment materials, installation of a bentonite liner, pavement restoration, guide rail installation and final grading and landscaping. Total Project Value $400K
    • Pavement reclamation and Restoration, Drainage, Concrete and Final Grading, to include a restoration of a parking lot and interior parking roads, guide rail installation, new drainage piping and inlets, rehabilitation of 150 foot by four foot wide drainage channel, restoration of concrete trench drains and final restoration. Total Project Value $375K
    • Environmental Site Investigation, Remediation and Reporting Services in accordance with NJDEP Site Remediation Program (SRP). Acting as a Client Advocate, while engaging the services of a site specific Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), the Project was closed out with an Unrestricted Response Action Outcome (ROA) for a specific Area of concern (AOC) which limited soil remediation and groundwater impacts adjacent to fresh water pond tributary. Total Project Value $225K
    • Pavement Restoration & Causeway Improvements, to include expansion of Causeway, road which bisect two water bodies, guiderail installation, pavement sealant for over 25,000 sf area, pavement access repair and restoration, repair of an outlet structure, lowering and dewatering of a pond, installation of a new drainage culvert, installation of rip-rap embankment protection. Total Project Value $325K
    • Pavement Restoration Plan to include new pavement sealant for over 100,000 sf area concrete trench drain restoration and curbing. Total Project Value $75K
  • Presented expert testimony to receive Township planning board and zoning board approvals and prepared and submitted documents for approval by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for the determination of Wetlands, State Open Water limits and wastewater treatment upgrades.
  • Succeeded in establishing the pond history through aerial information in order to receive NJDEP general storm water permits, which permitted and allowed for the restoration and increased roadway embankment of a Causeway (road bisecting a pond)

Highlights: As the Owner’s Representative, The Entech Group, Inc was responsible for the design, permitting, project procurement and management of four contractors at multiple locations to successfully complete over $1.4MM worth of Projects within the Clients Schedule.


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