Entech Philanthropy: Supporting the Salesian Sisters

What They Do

The Missionary Society of Salesian Sisters, Inc. is an organization based on supporting the youth and allowing them a better tomorrow through education and a welcoming attitude. With that, they teach children, from infantry through young adulthood, respect for others and openness to life in all forms. Entech has long supported the efforts of this organization and has even done some work for them in the past to help improve their multiple facilities. In order to keep up with these facilities, their overall mission, and day-to-day operations, the Salesian Sisters nonprofit organization is a firm believer in donations from those who are able to help.

They have four main locations and facilities in the Haledon, North Haledon, and Newton, NJ areas that each serve a unique purpose.

Where to Donate

  1. The Missionary Society of the Salesian Sisters

The Provincial Center is located in Haledon, although there are multiple locations of the organization throughout the country including six in New Jersey, one in New York, three in Florida, one in Louisiana, and one in Illinois. For those looking to help their efforts in education and the overall youth-ministry of the Salesian Sisters, see their donation page on the website. Your donations also help with the care of elderly sisters, as well as welcoming new ones.

  1. Mary Help of Christians Academy

This is an all-girls high school located in North Haledon for grades 9-12 that also hosts a popular summer camp in June and July of each year. The school embodies the ideals of “Beauty, Truth and Joy,” where the young women are educated in a family environment to help develop their spiritual growth, social responsibility, and commitment to service.

  1. The Auxilium School

Located in Newton, the Auxilium School is a center for early childhood care and education, working with infants through age four. The school fosters the growth of the child as whole, including the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ in the Salesian spirit of St. John Bosco. They also hold a summer camp in June and July.

  1. Sacred Heart Spirituality Center

Also located in Newton, this center focuses on retreats for adolescents and young adults as well as sacramental preparation retreats for children. The Salesian Sisters opened the center in response to the needs of young people and adults gathering in the spirit of Christ.

What’s the Latest?

One of the most recent, largescale projects the Salesian Sisters have been focusing on, is the construction of a new activity center pavilion at their summer camp facility at the Auxilium School. The original activity center at the camp in Newton was involuntarily torn down, which caused the need for this new pavilion.

They will be reconfiguring the existing tennis court area of the property, currently 121 feet long by 108 feet wide, to make room for the pavilion planned to be 106 feet long by 770 feet wide. Adjacent to the pavilion will be a new basketball court that the campers are sure to love.

The summer camp experience is quite important to this organization and something they look forward to every year. They host the Salesian Camps in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Florida each year with this past year’s total number of children reaching over three thousand. To help them reach this specific goal before summer camp starts up again in 2018, please go to their website to learn more about ways you can donate.

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