Oil Tank Removal NJ

NJ Environmental Services: Travelers Insurance Company

Shark River
Neptune, NJ

Entech Services
  • Reviewed project records for:
    • Neptune High School expansion
    • Resolutions of Approval
    • Construction Activity Stormwater General Permit
    • Freehold Soil Conservation District inspection records
    • Daily construction logs
    • Photos of construction progress
  • Conducted interviews with witnesses knowledgeable of daily on-site construction activities for the Project
  • Reviewed geographic information system data and historical aerial photographs
  • Observed the Project site and areas allegedly impacted by the construction activities
  • Prepared a letter brief report summarizing the evaluation along with professional opinions regarding the merits of the claim and recommendations to facilitate settlement
Project Highlights
  • Entech succeeded in reducing a lawsuit against the Client from five million dollars to $110,000

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