Case Study No. 2 – Randolph NJ

UST removal with aboveground tank installation

Residential Property, Randolph, NJ

Entech Services

  • Performed initial site investigation and remediation services
  • Removed one 550 gallon underground storage tank system and associated piping
  • Installed one 275 aboveground storage tank system and associated piping
  • Obtained 5 post-excavation soil samples for laboratory analysis
  • Completed site restoration activities on all disturbed areas
  • Prepared and submitted a Remedial Investigation Report (RIR) to the
    NJDEP and requested a NFA (No Further Action) letter

Project Highlights

  • Entech was able to utilize membership in NJDEP’s Cleanup Star
    Program to accelerate NJDEP’s review of RIR
  • NFA letter was issued 2 days after RIR submission to the NJDEP
  • Entire project last 2 months from start to finish

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