Solar Energy NJ

Reclamation Technologies

  • Prepared topographic, existing features, and boundary surveys for one 29,500 square foot Material Recovery Facility/Transfer Station with associated roadways, parking, rail spurs, truck loading areas and water/wastewater facilities
  • Prepared various conceptual site and building plans
  • Prepared a traffic study, environmental impact statement, stormwater management report, fiscal impact study and additional materials for Design Waivers and Variance Requests
  • Received local and county site plan approvals for the Material Recycling Facility/Transfer Station
  • Received NJDEP approval to construct and operate a Class B Recycling Facility
  • Created preliminary site plans detailing the proposed new facility
  • Prepared site improvement plans for:
    • vehicle queuing and storage
    • four bay tipping and sorting areas
    • water quality detention basin system
    • two subsurface aquifer recharge galleries with associated site grading
    • pavement and storm water management systems
    • wetlands determination/state Open Water Limits
    • onsite sanitary sewage treatment
Project Highlights
  • Prepared, submitted, and received NJDEP approval for a Remedial Investigation Workplan as part of the overall redevelopment of the property

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