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NJ Environmental Services: Private Retail Company

Woodbridge, NJ

Entech Services
  • Removed 6 underground storage tank systems ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 gallons
  • Removed one 275 gallon aboveground storage tank system
  • Performed an investigation of dry well and sump area via video camera for decommission purposes
  • Performed soil boring and sampling services
  • Installed and sampled groundwater monitoring wells
  • Excavated, transported and disposed of non-hazardous contaminated soils and liquid materials
  • Removed 1 underground hydraulic lift system
  • Loaded, transported and disposed of numerous 55 gallon drums
  • Properly restored parking lot and all disturbed areas
  • Prepared a Preliminary Assessment, Site Investigation, Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action Plan Report for NJDEP review
  • Obtained a financial grant from the NJDEP and NJEDA to assist the Client in offsetting the environmental services fees

Project Highlights

  • Assisted Client in receiving an Innocent Purchaser’s Grant worth almost $92,000
  • Entech discovered 4 additional UST systems on the property that the Client didn’t know existed
  • Client was able to redevelop the property from a contaminated gas station/auto repair shop to a gas station and food mart.

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