Oil Tank Removal NJ

Premiere Development

  • Performed services for the construction of a 60,000 square foot office building on a 6.53 acre site
  • Designed a biological wastewater treatment and disposal system consisting of:
    • A treatment facility that will recycle approximately 75% of the maximum 6,000 gallons per day flow back to the building for gray water (non-contact) use
    • An effluent clear water storage tank maintaining a level of 4,000 gallons at the end of each work day to insure an available source for gray water use
    • A 2,000 gallon trash tank collecting raw waste prior to its transfer to the treatment facility
    • An 8,000 gallon concrete storage tank for treated waste
    • distribution system for a maximum of 1,800 gallons of unused treated water per day
  • Succeeded in receiving NJDEP approval for the following:
    • Treatment Works Approval Permit
    • New Jersey Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit
    • Groundwater Discharge Permit

The Entech Group, Inc.
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