Oil Tank Removal NJ

Commercial Redevelopment Client

  • Performed an emergency site investigation of an active construction project to determine the location of gasoline contaminated soils and groundwater
  • Conducted preliminary soil borings and temporary groundwater well points for soil and groundwater sampling analysis
  • Designed and installed a passive groundwater remediation and collection system based on preliminary soil and groundwater sampling results
  • Excavated, transported and properly disposed of non-hazardous and hazardous contaminated soils
  • Operated and maintained the groundwater system to collect and dispose of impacted groundwater
  • Responsible for the backfilling /compaction of certified clean materials, grading of dense graded aggregate stone materials prior to final asphalt paving
  • Review of Environmental Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigative reports prepared by others
Project Highlights
  • Entech was successful in obtaining expedited local permits so that the property’s lessee could perform necessary site improvements prior to the opening of business.

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