Ranking of Environmental Contaminated Sites to Affect Oil Tank Removal in NJ

Entech Group, Inc., a leader in environmental and oil tank removal services in NJ, has confirmed that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) will be launching a new ranking system that places environmentally contaminated sites into one of five categories and thereby ranks them from best to worst. Rankings will be based on public health and safety.

oil tank removal njThe NJDEP expects to issue letters in January 2012 to responsible parties. All sites will be ranked, except for those involving (a) homeowner heating oil tanks of 2,000- gallons or less, (b) sites for which the NJDEP’s Bureau of Operations and Maintenance Monitoring is overseeing long-term operations and (c) sites with unknown sources. Scoring factors include the contaminants present at a site, whether they are located in soil and/or groundwater, the proximity of receptors (such as drinking water wells) and the distance/pathway between the site and any identified receptors.

Properties in need of environmental and oil tank removal services in NJ should be prepared to act quickly in 2012. After scoring, the NJDEP will determine whether a site is being actively handled by the responsible party. All recipients will be given 60 days in which to provide feedback on the scoring, using a specially developed NJDEP web portal.

Now is the time to enlist the experience and knowledge of Entech, NJ oil tank removal specialists with over 20 years of site remediation experience and service.

Oil Tank Removal and Remediation Services in NJ

Entech can offer these environmental site remediation services:

  • Soil & Groundwater sampling and delineation
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Soil remediation & excavation
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Alternative/biological remediation
  • Forensic age dating
  • Site restoration
  • Vapor/air sampling
  • Grant and loan facilitation
  • Final Project Closeout
  • Preparation of Response Action Outcome (RAO) by LSRP

Additionally, Entech’s Vice President, Thomas Furey, is a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) and Professional Engineer. The new Site Remediation Reform Act requires all site remediation projects to use LSRP services to oversee and approve all work. The rules apply to site remediation of essentially all contaminated sites in New Jersey, including brownfields, sites with Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and facilities subject to the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) and the Discharge Prevention Program (DPCC).

NJ oil tank removal services offered by Entech have helped many businesses with their remediation activities. From locally owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Entech provides a suite of services for companies and projects of all sizes. And since Entech provides all levels of environmental consulting services, companies were able to reduce management, consulting, and remediation fees that would normally be incurred when utilizing several contractors.

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