NJ Surpasses 10,000 Solar Power Arrays Statewide

The Entech Group, Inc., (Entech) a leading provider of solar power in NJ, is proud to acknowledge that the state of New Jersey set a new single-month record for installed solar capacity and solar power installations in June, according to an official release from Governor Chris Christie.

solar power njAccording to the release issued by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, New Jersey’s installed solar capacity is now more than 380 MW generated from over 10,000 solar arrays statewide. New Jersey is second in the nation in both installed solar capacity and number of installations; only California has more.

The new findings advance the Governor’s commitment to develop renewable sources of energy that protect the environment, promote economic development and spur job creation.

Everyone Benefits from Solar Power in NJ

Representatives of The Entech Group, Inc added, “We are thrilled to provide solar power solutions to NJ homeowners and businesses. Solar power is good for the environment and good for the economy. Everyone can benefit from solar power in NJ.”

Businesses stand to save a substantial amount of money by switching to solar power systems, which can greatly improve their bottom line and allow them to thrive and create more jobs. Similarly, homeowners are protected from rising utility costs and can re-sell surplus energy back to utility companies for a profit.

According to The US Department of Energy, electricity utility costs will more than double in the next five years. Having a commercial or residential solar power system installed has never been a smarter choice for a business or homeowner. And because Entech’s solar systems are a proven technology backed by a 5-year system warranty and a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, customers will be enjoying significant electric savings for the next quarter century or more!

To learn more about solar power in NJ, please call 800.571.8661.

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