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Brownsfields can present unique challenges in development and construction. These properties are often abandoned or unutilized areas that may have been environmentally contaminated. Typically, these properties just sit empty because the potential contaminants complicate the redevelopment and expansion.

The Entech Group Inc. sees brownsfields differently; to most, these properties house endless problems and a difficult development process. We see the potential for beautiful, productive properties that are well-worth the effort.

Avoid the nightmare of brownsfield development and trust The Entech Group Inc. with all of your environmental services in NJ.

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While a brownsfield may represent a daunting rebuilding process and countless obstacles to most developers, we know the full potential these properties hold.

Our experts have visions of manicured golf courses, recycling facilities, and revitalized communities; all it takes is the right equipment and professionally-trained experts to make this dream become a reality.

Our property development and redevelopment services include:

  • Surveys, site and building plans
  • Environmental assessments and hazardous materials documentation
  • Site remediation
  • Preparation and submission of all permitting documents
  • Traffic studies and environmental impact statements
  • Fiscal impact studies
  • Planning Board presentations
  • Full service construction and construction management
  • Grant and loan facilitation

These properties provide the opportunity to empower states, communities, and other stakeholders in economic redevelopment to better communities. Brownsfields can be transformed into productive properties and offer a safer, cleaner environment.

The Entech Group Inc. is taking the initiative to help clean-up our communities by offering the development and redevelopment services needed to safely reconstruct these properties.

When you choose The Entech Group Inc. for your NJ environmental services, your choosing dependability and decades of experience.

For more information about our brownsfield development services and more, call us at 800-571-8661 today!

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