Cape May County Oil Tank Removal

Cape May County Courthouse

The Entech Group is a New Jersey based company that specializes in oil tank removals and installations.  If you live in Cape May County, The Entech Group can help you with your oil tank needs.

Oil Tank Removals in Cape May County

Underground Storage Tanks (UST) are a source of many headaches for homeowners in Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Wildwood, Stone Harbor, and Cape May. If your UST was installed before 1980, it was fabricated of bare steel which makes corrosion inevitable and raises potential for leakage and spills. The leaked and spilled chemicals cause soil, groundwater and air pollution. Oil tank removal and remediation (cleaning up) of any resulting contamination can be costly and time consuming.

The Entech Group has an outstanding history of resolving oil tank problems, including oil tank removals. The Entech Group will take care of your oil tank removal and remediation, both underground and above ground, in a timely and cost effective manner while staying in accordance with environmental regulations. We offer complete, professional oil tank management services, including:

  • Locating unknown underground tank systems
  • Evaluating the layout of underground and above ground tank systems
  • Determining a plan of action
  • Completing and submitting necessary permit applications to local government agencies
  • Excavating and removing tank systems
  • Installing tank systems
  • Sampling soil and groundwater
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Providing detailed tank closure documentation
  • Grant and loan facilitation

Entech will resolve your oil tank removal in Stone Harbor, Wildwood, Cape May, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, and the surrounding areas of Cape May County. We have a strong relationships with the NJDEP and insurance carriers, and have assisted our clients in receiving over $5,000,000 in funding from the NJ Grant Program and insurance coverage since 2006, and we have NEVER been denied grant approval.

Contact the Entech Group and find out more about oil tank removals and remediation today.

About Cape May County

Cape May County is the southern county in New Jersey. This coungty is associated with the Delaware Valley area as well as the Ocean City Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its county seat is the Cape May Court House section in Middle Township. The most populous municipality is Ocean City. The largest cities include Wildwood, Ocean City, Stone Harbor, Cape May, and Sea Isle City.

The Cape May County Courthouse is located at 9 North Main Street in Cape May Court House, NJ . Cape May County is filled with a population of 97,265 (2010 census) in a 620 square mile radius; 365 square miles of which is water.

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