Convert Oil To Natural Gas

commercial oil to gas conversion NJ

Converting oil to natural gas is extremely beneficial in terms of reducing oil use and increasing energy efficiency of a building. By making this key conversion, business owners will save money over time.

Over the last few years, the cost of heating oil has increased while the price for natural gas has remained stable. The equipment for oil and for natural gas is also vastly different in price. Some oil heating equipment is old and very expensive to maintain in addition to being less efficient than equipment used for a natural gas heating system.

In addition, The Entech Group, Inc. utilizes a number of energy and conservation programs to help businesses with the upfront costs of the transition. These programs include Energy Star Certification, sustainable development, rebates and incentives available from New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP), green building practices vs. LEED certification, and more.

Oil Tank Removal Services For NJ-Based Businesses

The oil conversion process is easy! First, we determine the condition of the furnace or boiler and provide a detailed proposal outlining the system improvements. Upon the customer’s approval of the overall proposed professional services, we apply for a building permit and upon approval schedule the professional services.

We typically perform the heating oil conversion first and then the oil tank removal service after. Upon completion of the heating system upgrades, we work side by side with customer and submit the required paperwork to governing and utility agencies for financial rebates and tax incentive benefits.

The complete service package for this oil to gas conversion includes:

  • Removal of your underground or aboveground oil tank system
  • Installation of a highly efficient and trusted heating system
  • Removal of your old heating system
  • All hookups and permits that are require for your conversion

It is possible for that natural gas may not be available in your area, but that won’t affect this process. The Entech Group can upgrade a current inefficient oil furnace or boiler to a clean burning, high efficiency unit. Not only will this benefit the environment, it will also benefit your businesses’ heating and cooling costs.  Call The Entech Group Inc today at 800-571-8661!

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