Oil to Gas Conversion Best Started in Summer, New Jersey Company Says

heating-new-jerseyThe Entech Group, Inc., an energy, engineering and environmental services company in New Jersey, believes that natural gas is the safest and most efficient way of heating New Jersey homes.  The company says that health concerns caused by leaking oil tanks are also eliminated when homeowners make the oil to gas conversion.

To enable a swift and simple oil to gas conversion, homeowners should make the call now before fall and winter weather is upon us. Switching from oil to gas is a process that takes time. Switching from oil to gas is a process that takes time. The Entech Group has to first come out to meet the Client and evaluate the project. Within 48 hours, Entech will provide a Project Estimate and if acceptable, the process will continue. Upon the Client’s final selection of the heating and cooling equipment options and acceptance of Project proposal, the project permits will begin.

Homeowners that want to lead a more ‘green’ lifestyle will enjoy knowing that gas heating is a more environmentally friendly solution heating New Jersey homes.

Oil To Gas Conversion Saves NJ Homeowners On Heating Costs

Gas heating is also more efficient.  Over the past 10 years, natural gas prices have dropped to record lows, but heating oil prices have been steadily rising. According to the NY Times, analysts do not expect oil prices to drop in the near future, mainly because of political instability in the Middle East and rising demand from developing countries.

New Jersey homes with an existing underground and aboveground oil tanks can ask The Entech Group about their oil tank removal and environmental services.  From beginning to end, Entech will handle the entire process of oil tank removal and the environmental remediation, if required for both underground and above ground, in a timely and cost effective manner while staying in accordance with environmental regulations.

For more information about the oil to gas conversion or to speak with an Entech professional, call 800-571-8661 or go online to http://www.entechgroupinc.com/heating-ventilation-air-conditioning-services/home/oil-to-gas-conversions/

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