NJ Sandy Victims Eligible for Heating and Cooling Incentives Through June 2014

Heating & Cooling Services NJNJ residents that had their homes or property destroyed in Hurricane Sandy can take advantage of heating and cooling incentives that are good through June of 2014.  The incentives apply to residents who purchase select energy efficient units.

The Entech Group Inc., an environmental services company in NJ, explains that  residents with a home that is located in a zip code designated as a “major” or “minor” damaged areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy were offered enhanced incentives on high efficiency equipment/appliances. Hurricane Sandy relief incentives are for qualifying equipment purchased on or after October 29, 2012 through June 30, 2014.

Rebates of up to $500 are available for NJ residents that purchase qualifying, efficient units.  For complete information, visit http://www.njcleanenergy.com/SANDY

Switch to Natural Gas for Efficient Heating in NJ

Those ready to make the switch to energy efficient, natural gas heating can turn to the Entech Group Inc., for all of their heating needs. The company provides complete removal of aboveground and underground storage tanks as well as installation of natural gas heating systems.  In areas where natural gas is not available, The Entech Group Inc can replace out of date oil heating equipment with newer, more efficient units.  For information on their heating and cooling services in NJ, please visit http://www.entechgroupinc.com/heating-ventilation-air-conditioning-services/

NJ residents affected by Sandy should also have an environmental services company such as The Entech Group perform a mold evaluation and inspection. Undetected mold can exist in any building especially after a flood, and cause sneezing, coughing, allergies and even permanent lung damage. Pets can also suffer health consequences as a result of mold and may have an increase in scratching, licking, rubbing or chewing of their skin.

The Entech Group, along with affiliated specialists, offer special environmental services to address the investigation and possible remediation of areas impacted by mold. Mold investigation may include indoor air sampling for mold spores, as well as surface, bulk, and swab sampling. The environmental services company in NJ will also measure the temperature and relative humidity of the indoor air, as well as determine the moisture levels present in wood, drywall, and concrete.

For more information about mold investigation and remediation services, visit http://www.entechgroupinc.com/services/asbestos-mold-and-lead/ or call The Entech Group, Inc at 800-571-8661.



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