Incentives For Efficient Heating And Cooling In New Jersey

environmentalservicesnj-entechThroughout the state of New Jersey, residents can take advantage of energy credits that reward the use of energy efficient heating and cooling systems.   The Entech Group Inc in NJ says that all of the energy providers in the state have individualized incentives through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program and residents are advised to learn more about how they can save on their utility bills.  Those affected by Hurricane Sandy are eligible for even higher rebates.

New Jersey energy companies are offering anywhere between $300 and $500 in incentives for qualifying energy efficient technologies. Some companies are offering more.  Imagine receiving a check for $500 in the mail simply for using an energy efficient appliance in the home.

There are many incentives in place for residents currently operating high efficiency gas heating systems.  For those who are not, now is an ideal time to switch from oil to natural gas.  The Entech Group Inc has helped many New Jersey homeowners heat their homes more efficiently. In areas where natural gas is not available, The Entech Group Inc can replace out of date oil heating equipment with newer, more efficient units.

Safer, More Efficient Heating and Cooling in New Jersey

Those who make the switch find that natural gas is a safer, more affordable solution for heating NJ homes.  Over the past 10 years, natural gas prices have dropped to record lows, but heating oil prices have been steadily rising. According to the NY Times, analysts do not expect oil prices to drop in the near future, mainly because of political instability in the Middle East and rising demand from developing countries.

For efficient heating and cooling in NJ, The Entech Group Inc provides complete HVAC services for residential and commercial customers.

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