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The Entech Group Inc., a leading energy, engineering and environmental services company in NJ, advocates for the conversion of oil to natural gas. The environmental services company says now that winter is over, it’s the last thought on people’s minds. But according to Entech representatives, a break in the cold weather is an ideal time to make the switch.

Statewide incentives are still available for residents who switch to natural gas and some incentives are as much as $500. And, according to The Entech Group, natural gas is a safer, more affordable solution for heating NJ homes. It is an environmentally friendly solution for home heating that eliminates the environmental risks of a leaking oil tank. A leaking tank can be a source of soil and ground water contamination to neighboring homes and businesses, not just the home where the tank resides.

Environmental Services Company in NJ Says Now Is the Time to Switch

According to representatives from Entech, many people choose to wait for spring and summer to switch to natural gas, to avoid an interruption in heating service. Now that warmer weather is here, the environmental services company in NJ encourages residents to make the switch.

Homes with an existing underground oil tank can ask The Entech Group about their oil tank removal services. From beginning to end, the environmental services company in NJ will handle the entire process of oil tank removal and remediation, both underground and above ground, in a timely and cost effective manner while staying in accordance with environmental regulations.

Those who make the switch find that natural gas is a safer, more affordable solution for heating NJ homes. Over the past 10 years, natural gas prices have dropped to record lows, but heating oil prices have been steadily rising. To learn more about converting to natural gas, please visit .

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