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The Entech Group, Inc. is a premier firm for all clients’ energy, environmental and engineering needs. The leading company delivers a wide range of environmental services in NJ, including helpful Turn Key Services that offer clients one-on-one communication and consultation.


Environmental Services NJEntech, a leader in environmental services in NJ, has been a leading provider of Environmental Turn Key single source environmental solutions for the past 20 years. The firm actively assists clients during all aspects of the process, from initial environmental investigation to final closure.


The purpose of Entech’s Environmental Turn Key Service is to allow a client to contract with a company to perform a particular agreed-upon task. The main goal in this is to create a single entity that the owner can communicate with to assist with all those involved in contracting—and Entech is proud to carry out that duty.


The company, which provides environmental services in NJ, is responsible for both design and construction of a project. The Environmental Turn Key Services are different from traditional contracting because there are shorter and more direct lines of communication among the owner, environmental company, and government agencies. In addition, the owner has access to strong, consistent and knowledgeable management throughout the process.

Environmental Services in NJ

In the past, the client needed the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to write a No Further Action Letter, which closes out a project file. Now, however, licensed site remediation professionals at The Entech Group have the authority to write the final closure letter, or the Response Action Outcome.


This capacity is an incredible asset for clients seeking environmental services in NJ, making it a true Turn Key Solution. Clients can now expect the process to take less time, saving more capital expenditures.


In addition to Turn Key Solution, The Entech Group offers other environmental service in NJ, such as solar power solutions for both businesses and residences. A solar energy system offers ample benefits, including huge financial savings and environmental perks. Some of the proven benefits that accompany solar energy include protection against rising utility costs, government rebates and tax credits, long-term reliability, and so much more.


For all of your sustainable energy, engineering, and environmental services needs, look no further than The Entech Group. For more information on the Turn Key Solutions and any of the company’s services, call 800-571-8661 or visit http://www.entechgroupinc.com/.

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