The Entech Group Serves as a Leading NJ Solar Power Provider

A leader in NJ solar power consulting and installation, The Entech Group, Inc. is a diverse company for all energy, environmental and engineering projects. Whether its a large company or a residential client, Entech has the means to cater to all.

The Entech Group comprises a team with a variety of backgrounds, including engineers, environmental scientists, construction managers, planners, technicians and project coordinators. Together, the hybrid of talents nj solar powerdelivers first-rate solar and renewable energy solutions; environmental and green design; and engineering and construction projects.

Since its inception in 1991, The Entech Group has employed the expertise from its unique team to help the environment, save clients money, and increase safety. With many approaches, services and accomplishments, the group is a trusted solution for a wide range of projects including NJ solar power, tank management services, LSRP environmental services and providing financial client and project solutions.

Promising expert knowledge and successful results, The Entech Group is a premier source for heating, ventilating and air conditioning services; property development; civil engineering and building design; environmental consulting, engineering and remediation; construction management; grant and loan facilitation; expert analysis; tank management services; and energy, LEED, and carbon management.

The Entech Group Offers NJ Solar Power and Much More

While a primary expert for NJ solar power, The Entech Group also specializes in oil tank removal. Underground storage tanks are on the rise as an environmental concern, with many installed and manufactured prior to 1980. These were made of bare steel, making for safety, legal and economic concerns. The group works hard to locate unknown tanks, complete all permit applications for local government agencies, removes old tanks and installs new, samples soil and groundwater, and much more.

The Entech Group also offers NJ solar power solutions for both businesses and residences. A solar energy system offers ample benefits, including huge financial savings and environmental perks. Some of the proven benefits that accompany solar energy include protection against rising utility costs, government rebates and tax credits, long-term reliability, and so much more.

For all of your sustainable energy and engineering needs, look no further than The Entech Group. For more information on NJ solar power and all of the company’s services, contact The Entech Group at 800-571-8661 or visit them online at

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