Dollars, Cents, and Underground Oil Tanks in New Jersey

The Costly Prices of an Underground Oil Tank for a Home Buyer in New Jersey

The issues surrounding an underground oil tank in New Jersey can come into play at any time. If the proper questions are not asked during the sale of a property, the presence of an underground oil tank can easily be overlooked. This is why it is always vitally important for a buyer to receive proof from a seller that an underground oil tank has been remedied prior to the close of the sale. It is a very real possibility that the seller of the property never knew about the existence of the underground oil tank as no issue was ever raised. However, you have now purchased this property and as you are changing the property to suit your own needs, an underground oil tank is now found. While many property owners may not look at this finding as a big deal, the truth is that the environmental liabilities that the property owner is leaving his or herself open to could easily add up when it comes to dollars and cents.

Every underground oil tank situation must be judged on a case by case basis. Just like almost every other service provided today, there is not a standard fee that is charged when it comes to an underground oil tank due to the fact that every situation is going to be different. However, there are several factors that are taken into consideration when a company such as The Entech Group, Inc. is giving an estimate for the work that needs to be done on an underground oil tank.

The first (and most important) piece of information to find out whether or not the underground oil tank has leaked into the soil surrounding it. If the soil comes back as healthy, then a home owner is simply looking at the cost of having to remove the underground oil tank before it does, in fact, leak and cause any possible damage. However, if it is found that the soil is contaminated, the home owner is going to have to have the soil remediated in order to avoid any environmental liabilities or further damage to the environment around it. Although it is possible to receive grants and financial assistance for this process, the reality is that it will still cost the home owner some kind of money.

The Entech Group, Inc., knows that all buyers are typically stressed out in every aspect, especially monetarily, when they buy a New Jersey home. Even if an underground oil tank is not found until years later, this does not take away from any monetary stress that the buyer may presently be going through. We promise our customers that we will do everything we can to save you as much money as possible in the process of locating and removing the underground oil tank as well as any possible remediation that may be necessary. Please call our office today at 800-571-8661 to discuss your current situation or visit our website at to learn more about our underground oil tank services.