The Legalities of NJ Underground Oil Tanks

Is a Home Seller Required To Remove An Underground Oil Tank in the State of New Jersey?

When it comes to the subject of the sale of a house in New Jersey, it is only normal to assume that both the buyer and the seller of the property want the sale to go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, there are many variables that could come up during that process. There could be negotiations over the asking price or little quirks around that house that would need to be changed. A large issue that could come up during the negotiation process is over the presence of an oil tank and the details surrounding its presence. If an underground oil tank is found to be on the property, a question is brought up revolving around the idea of what the seller’s responsibility is regarding the underground oil tank.

The main question when it comes to an underground oil tank during the sale of a house is the seller legally required to remove an underground oil tank prior to the sale’s completion. The plain answer to that question is no. There is currently no law requiring that a home seller remove an underground oil tank. Depending on your situation and your comfort level with the presence of an underground oil tank on your new property, it is always beneficial to make sure that a few things are in place as a contingency of your new purchase. A buyer should always make sure that they are not left open to possible environmental damages because they did not receive a complete work up of information about the underground oil tank from the previous owner.

It is always advisable that prior to closing, you receive confirmation that the underground oil tank has been properly filled or abandoned. While it is not advisable to simply fill and abandon the tank, the previous owner may have felt that is all that was needed to maintain the soil. Of course, you can always request that the seller remove the oil tank before you purchase the property, but remember, they are under no state obligation to do so. Another think that a new buyer should always request is that the soil of the property be tested for any possible contamination. If the current owner had the tank filled some time ago, this process was most likely already completed.

The Entech Group, Inc. is proud to offer a wide variety of underground oil tank services throughout New Jersey. This includes locating an underground oil tank, removal of the underground oil tank, as well as any soil remediation, if necessary. The Entech Group, Inc., provides each of its customers with the best plan of attack for your particular underground oil tank situation, which will save each customer as much money, time, and stress as possible. Please call our office today at 800-571-8661 to find out more about our underground oil tank services or visit our website at

Prospective NJ Home Buyers and Underground Storage Tanks

Why Checking for an Underground Oil Tank is Essential in any New Jersey Home Purchase

As a home buyer, there are lists of things that a person would have to go through before the purchase actually goes through. The buyer must make sure that they have an adequate down payment for the house, their mortgage is in place, all insurance is covered, and the house is up to code. These are just a few examples of the long list that a buyer will, no doubt, have to check off before they are able to sign on the dotted line for their new ‘dream home’. One important factor that many home buyers, especially first time home buyers, tend to overlook is whether or not an oil tank is present on their new property. If not checked, the unseen presence of an oil tank could potentially very costly for the new owners.

While the presence of an underground oil tank, in theory, may not sound like a big issue for a home buyer, the reality is much different. The biggest problem with an underground oil tank is that, over time, an underground oil tank may rust and, in turn, leak any residue that has been sitting in the tank. The residue that leaks into the ground can then contaminate the ground that it seeps into leaving a huge environmental issue behind. If the ground is contaminated because of the oil tank leak, a full remediation of the soil will have to be completed so that the ground will be considered healthy again.

All of this work, of course, requires money and can cause a great headache. As a perspective New Jersey home buyer, you are in a position to be able to avoid the expense if you require that the seller of the home have the property inspected for the presence of an underground oil tank or require that the seller produce documentation that the tank has been filled or already removed. A buyer must always remember that as soon as they purchase the home, all of the future headaches that come with it are now theirs. If a full inspection is not completed prior to the purchase, that includes the responsibility for the presence of an underground oil tank.

The experienced team at The Entech Group, Inc. are trained and ready to help you with any issues with the presence of an underground oil tank or with the removal of said tank. We understand that your ultimate goal is to be able to move into your new NJ home with, as little added stress or problems as possible and we are here to help you do that as soon as possible. We will walk you through the process of what is needed with regard to your underground oil tank situation if one is found and what your possible options are. Please call us today at 800-571-8661 or visit our website at to learn more about underground oil tanks and their removal.

Development Services for a Safer Community

Environmental Services Company NJ

Brownsfields can present unique challenges in development and construction. These properties are often abandoned or unutilized areas that may have been environmentally contaminated. Typically, these properties just sit empty because the potential contaminants complicate the redevelopment and expansion.

The Entech Group Inc. sees brownsfields differently; to most, these properties house endless problems and a difficult development process. We see the potential for beautiful, productive properties that are well-worth the effort.

Avoid the nightmare of brownsfield development and trust The Entech Group Inc. with all of your environmental services in NJ.

NJ Environmental Services You Can Trust Energy, Environmental & Engineering Services

While a brownsfield may represent a daunting rebuilding process and countless obstacles to most developers, we know the full potential these properties hold.

Our experts have visions of manicured golf courses, recycling facilities, and revitalized communities; all it takes is the right equipment and professionally-trained experts to make this dream become a reality.

Our property development and redevelopment services include:

  • Surveys, site and building plans
  • Environmental assessments and hazardous materials documentation
  • Site remediation
  • Preparation and submission of all permitting documents
  • Traffic studies and environmental impact statements
  • Fiscal impact studies
  • Planning Board presentations
  • Full service construction and construction management
  • Grant and loan facilitation

These properties provide the opportunity to empower states, communities, and other stakeholders in economic redevelopment to better communities. Brownsfields can be transformed into productive properties and offer a safer, cleaner environment.

The Entech Group Inc. is taking the initiative to help clean-up our communities by offering the development and redevelopment services needed to safely reconstruct these properties.

When you choose The Entech Group Inc. for your NJ environmental services, your choosing dependability and decades of experience.

For more information about our brownsfield development services and more, call us at 800-571-8661 today!

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