Dollars, Cents, and Underground Oil Tanks in New Jersey

The Costly Prices of an Underground Oil Tank for a Home Buyer in New Jersey

The issues surrounding an underground oil tank in New Jersey can come into play at any time. If the proper questions are not asked during the sale of a property, the presence of an underground oil tank can easily be overlooked. This is why it is always vitally important for a buyer to receive proof from a seller that an underground oil tank has been remedied prior to the close of the sale. It is a very real possibility that the seller of the property never knew about the existence of the underground oil tank as no issue was ever raised. However, you have now purchased this property and as you are changing the property to suit your own needs, an underground oil tank is now found. While many property owners may not look at this finding as a big deal, the truth is that the environmental liabilities that the property owner is leaving his or herself open to could easily add up when it comes to dollars and cents.

Every underground oil tank situation must be judged on a case by case basis. Just like almost every other service provided today, there is not a standard fee that is charged when it comes to an underground oil tank due to the fact that every situation is going to be different. However, there are several factors that are taken into consideration when a company such as The Entech Group, Inc. is giving an estimate for the work that needs to be done on an underground oil tank.

The first (and most important) piece of information to find out whether or not the underground oil tank has leaked into the soil surrounding it. If the soil comes back as healthy, then a home owner is simply looking at the cost of having to remove the underground oil tank before it does, in fact, leak and cause any possible damage. However, if it is found that the soil is contaminated, the home owner is going to have to have the soil remediated in order to avoid any environmental liabilities or further damage to the environment around it. Although it is possible to receive grants and financial assistance for this process, the reality is that it will still cost the home owner some kind of money.

The Entech Group, Inc., knows that all buyers are typically stressed out in every aspect, especially monetarily, when they buy a New Jersey home. Even if an underground oil tank is not found until years later, this does not take away from any monetary stress that the buyer may presently be going through. We promise our customers that we will do everything we can to save you as much money as possible in the process of locating and removing the underground oil tank as well as any possible remediation that may be necessary. Please call our office today at 800-571-8661 to discuss your current situation or visit our website at to learn more about our underground oil tank services.

Home Buyers, Sellers and Underground Oil Tanks in New Jersey

What Both Home Buyers and Sellers Should Remember When Dealing With Underground Oil Tanks in New Jersey

There are many responsibilities that a buyer and a seller have in a real estate transaction in the state of New Jersey. Of course, the ultimate goal for both a buyer and a seller is to come to an agreement regarding the property so that the seller can move on to a new property journey and the buyer can start a new life in their new home. Just like with any other aspect of a sale, a property buyer and a seller are going to have different perspectives on the presence of an underground oil tank. If the underground oil tank is not remedied by both sides in a joint effort, both sides run the risk of the deal potentially falling through.

Realistically, the seller has a tremendous amount of responsibility when it comes to the presence of an underground oil tank, especially if the seller is aware of the presence of an underground oil tank. The seller must be up front with the buyer if they know that an underground oil tank is on their property. In some cases, the seller of the property may have had the underground oil tank removed from the property years ago. In that case, the buyer can rest assured that any issue with the oil tank was remedied when the tank was removed. However, there are two other situations that may cause a headache for both parties. The first being that the seller of the property only had the underground oil tank filled. In that case, the tank needs to still be tested for any possible contamination leak. The other alternative is that the seller is completely unaware of the fact that there is an underground oil tank on their property which is all the more reason for the property to be evaluated prior to the sale.

The buyer of the property, on the other hand, has the responsibility to ask all of these questions regarding the presence of an underground oil tank. A buyer needs to understand the impact that an underground oil tank can have on the property that they are about to purchase. If an underground oil tank is not located prior to the completion of the sale, the odds are that the buyer may be stuck with the consequences of the oil tank including removal and possible remediation. It is vital that a buyer requests that the seller provide the buyer with proof that an underground oil tank has been removed and that there is no soil contamination. Only then can it be guaranteed that there is no environmental hazard on the property.

The Entech Group, Inc. has experience with working with property buyers and sellers throughout New Jersey. We are able to provide a variety of services including underground oil tank location, removal and remediation (if required). The Entech Group, Inc. understands that both sides of a property sale are looking for the easiest and less expensive form of services possible and we will work with you to ensure that we are able to provide that service for you. Please call our office today at 800-571-8661 to discuss your property or visit our website at to find out more about underground oil tanks.

Remediation Services Provided By The Entech Group Inc.

The Entech Group Inc. provides environmental remediation services NJ and underground oil tank NJ services.

The Entech Group Inc. is one of the leading environmental remediation companies in the state of New Jersey. We provide soil cleanup and groundwater cleanup services for our clients made possible by the Licensed State Remediation Professional (LSRP) program, which was created by the state.

Here at the Entech Group Inc., we have all of the necessary tools to assess your project and understand how to properly provide remediation services for your soil cleanup NJ and groundwater cleanup NJ. As your remediation contractor, we can ensure that the cleanup NJ is done properly, efficiently and on time. We are dedicated to customer service and providing our clients with the best methods for all of the environmental site remediation needs.

What is an environmental soil cleanup and groundwater cleanup and why would I need it?

The Site Remedation Reform Act (SRRA) was signed into act on May 7, 2009 and it allows LSRPs to finalize environmental remediation projects that were currently on backlog. In the state of New Jersey, there were over 20,000 environmental projects that were on backlog before the law was put into action. With this new law, businesses and homeowners are able to save time, effort and overall expense to close their projects.

Since the SRRA was put into place, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is no longer needed for an approval and the Entech Group can provide remediation services for soil cleanup NJ and groundwater cleanup NJ of contaminated sites quicker and more efficiently. The Entech Group can also give the residents of New Jersey a greater amount of environmental service protection and in a timelier and cost effective manner.

What does the future of environmental services in NJ look like?

Since the act has been effective in 2012, environmental consultants that provide an LSRP can proceed with the soil cleanup and groundwater cleanup of a site without an assigned case manager from the NJDEP.

Any company that needs engineering and environmental consultants for their environmental service remediation projects can contact the Entech Group. We will work with your company and be a Client advocate and manage your Project throughout the entire process. We will be able to schedule out a timeline of when the services will take place and estimate how much it will cost. In the long run, this will save the company time and money with reducing project costs overall. At the Entech Group, we are here to provide solutions to clients to help close out their environmental remediation service projects. With the help of an LSRP New Jersey advocate, we have the capability to provide tomorrow’s services at an affordable option.

To learn more about the process of environmental service remediation and how we can help save your company money, contact the Entech Group Inc. today at 1-800-571-8661 or online at

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