NJ Introduces Bill to Increase Solar Energy Subsidies to Panel Owners

solar-energy-njThe Entech Group Inc., a leading energy, engineering and environmental services company in NJ, today announced that a key legislative panel has introduced bill S1925 for consideration.  S1925, the focus of intense debate within New Jersey’s solar energy industry, was proposed to stabilize the solar market by paying out increased subsidies to solar panel owners.

Proponents of the bill, including solar energy companies in NJ like The Entech Group, believe that this will help absorb the overabundance of solar renewable energy certificates (SRECS) that have flooded the market since the price per credit came crashing down in June of 2011.

Last summer, New Jersey’s installed solar capacity was more than 380 MW generated from over 10,000 solar arrays statewide. New Jersey was second in the nation in both installed solar capacity and number of installations; only California had more.

Solar Energy Usage in NJ Dropped Significantly

Since then, however, the state’s solar energy usage has plummeted after the price of the solar credits that owners of solar systems earned for the power they produced fell from nearly $600 to less than $100.

Thomas A. Furey, P.E, LSRP and Vice President of The Entech Group is quoted, “Introducing S1925  is a step in the right direction to regain growth in New Jersey’s solar market.”  Furey believes that S1925 could help to stabilize the solar energy market in NJ and pave the way for a thriving labor market for the solar installation community.

For more information on how bill S1925 affects residential and commercial solar panel installations, call The Entech Group at 800-571-8661.

The Entech Group Can Help Those in Need of Solar Power in NJ

Solar energy incentives for NJ businesses are through the roof! The Entech Group wants to show potential NJ solar power customers how solar energy can impact their lives for the better!

The Entech Group are leaders in the NJ solar energy conversation. They are always out trying to show those interested in environmental sustainability how solar energy can have a positive impact on their business. Solar energy incentives for NJ businesses are huge!nj solar power

Commercial solar panel installation is a fantastic renewable energy alternative for NJ solar energy proponents. Commercial solar works like this: First, solar panels are mounted. These solar panels produce a DC current. The next step inverts that DC current to AC and ties it into the main electrical distribution panels in a commercial facility.

Now that solar energy is just waiting to be used. The electricity can be used by the facility or can be sent back to the grid as surplus through utility meters. The utility meters monitor and net out supplied and used energy. So, not only does solar energy in NJ save money, it can also make money back!

Meters will watch NJ solar energy users’ consumption of energy over 12 months. Generally, less energy is consumer in the winter and more is consumed in the summer. After a 12 month read out the power company can determine how much money has been saved and even made.

Solar energy incentives for NJ businesses don’t stop there though. There are a few other advantages to having an installed solar energy system. Aside from decreasing energy use, it can increase property value. Just as well, it is a good marketing tool. Many consumers are environmentally conscious these days and going green is only an advantage to a businesses.

Solar Energy in NJ is the Future

It’s time to face the facts: renewable energy is the wave of the future. Those who get in now will be ahead of the curve. There are virtually no drawbacks to going solar. Businesses interested in commercial solar paneling have seen the solar energy incentives for NJ businesses. Going solar is a great idea!

Businesses interested in getting on board with Entech can find more information on NJ solar energy incentives via a video presentation Entech has created at More videos on NJ solar energy, solar panel installation and incentives can also be found on The Entech Group’s YouTube channel at Going solar is painless! Call The Entech Group at 800-571-8661 to stay ahead in sustainability and going green.

Solar Power in NJ is Best Defense Against Rising Utility Rates

Many NJ residents are turning to solar power systems to defend themselves from increasing utility rates. According to The US Department of Energy, electricity utility costs will more than double in the next five years. NJ homeowners installing residential solar energy systems will be protected from cost hikes and can watch their energy bills go down upon installation.

Benefits of Solar Power in NJ

solar power njThe Entech Group, Inc. installs solar power systems in NJ. The company points out that there are numerous benefits, in addition to saving green, that lead people to the solar power choice. In addition to the instant savings NJ homeowners will realize on their energy bill, solar power systems also increase the value of a home, which can repay homeowners quite handsomely when it’s time to sell. Some studies suggest that a home’s value can increase $20,000 for every $1,000 reduction in annual energy costs.

Any electricity produced from the solar power system will allow homeowners to accumulate energy certificates. These New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) can be sold and provide an additional yearly income.

Having residential solar power in NJ has never been a smarter choice. And because Entech’s solar systems are a proven technology backed by a 5-year system warranty and a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, homeowners will be enjoying significant electric savings for the next quarter century or more.

To learn more about solar energy systems available through The Entech Group, Inc., please call 800.571.8661.

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